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3 Easy Social Media Strategy Upgrades for Law Firms

February 2022

3 Easy Social Media Strategy Upgrades for Law Firms

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Social media is an integral part of today’s online marketing efforts, but it is often one of the most challenging spaces when it comes to finding success. That’s especially true for law firms whose presence on social platforms can often seem incongruous. However, if you treat your social pages as an opportunity to connect with and talk to your local community, there are many potential benefits to unlock. Social media is worth your time, from brand building and fostering trust to generating client leads, but how can you do it right?


Instead of relying on the same old strategy of scheduled posts related to your firm’s field, consider the following easy upgrades that can take your social presence to the next level.


Increase Engagement With User Comments


Merely making regular posts is not enough to drive a continued connection with your brand. When users take the initiative to leave comments on your content, don’t leave them with silence as a response. Instead, whenever possible, engage with user posts positively and proactively. Even if all you have to say is “thanks for contributing,” active participation further humanizes your brand and makes your page seem like more than a simple advertisement.


Host a Virtual Event for Followers


Many platforms such as Instagram now allow live interactions between pages and followers, consider the value of brief outreach efforts. For example, a half-hour Q&A session on your area of the law and important related tips can create many engagement opportunities. Meanwhile, you also provide real value to the community with your answers, building trust. Leverage asynchronous video content for interactions, too, such as fielding user questions and posting quick responses in the form of Stories on Facebook. Cross-promote your live events on different social channels for maximum exposure. The amount of engagement you get in return might surprise you.


Showcase the Human Element of Your Law Firm


Not every post has to be about the latest news story related to your area of practice. From time to time, it’s a good idea to showcase the more human side of the firm. Celebrate birthdays, mark company milestones, and make seasonally-appropriate holiday posts to show off office decorations or other elements of your firm’s personality. Users want to see more than a faceless group of professionals sharing law-related content — they want to know about the people in your firm, too.


Explore Fresh Opportunities for Social Media Success


The social landscape of the web changes constantly, and the most successful social media strategies recognize shifts and adapt to keep audiences interested. By actively managing and considering the importance of these channels to your marketing success, you can make your time and investment into them worthwhile.


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