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4 Cringeworthy Social Media Mistakes Law Firms Make: What You Can Learn

February 2022

4 Cringeworthy Social Media Mistakes Law Firms Make: What You Can Learn

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The landscape of the legal marketing space has changed dramatically in recent years. Whereas many law firms invested extensively in offline forms of advertising, such as radio and print, today it is impossible to ignore the importance of the internet. With so many users conducting local searches and seeking information about service providers close to them, it’s essential for firms to establish a strong foothold in this space.


That often means more than crafting a website and populating a blog with informative content — a successful strategy demands a presence on social media. However, that’s easier said than done, and many law firms who underestimate the challenge can inadvertently commit missteps that reflect poorly on their brand. When your goal is to establish trustworthiness, what cringeworthy social media mistakes should your team avoid?


Stuffing Too Many Hashtags Into a Post


Hashtags are an easy way to associate your content and posts with the main topics related to your posts. On sites like Twitter, they play an important role in content discovery. However, when you stuff the end of your post with 20 or 30 different hashtags, your content immediately looks less professional — and it won’t help as much with discovery as you may expect. If you have to include hashtags, stick to the two or three most relevant topical tags.


Engaging With Negativity


Social media can offer fun opportunities to engage with the public and educate them on questions about your area of law. It can also be a space where anonymous posters lob insults and cast aspersions on your firm. While it can be tempting to “correct the record,” it is best to avoid consistent engagement with negative comments on your content. If you must respond, do so politely one time — don’t get bogged down in arguments that will make your firm look less professional.


Over-Reliance on Pop Culture Relatability


It’s true that many social media audiences skew younger but beware of leaning heavily on the latest trends and jokes to try communicating information about the law. Firms publishing frivolous memes might think they’re performing effective outreach when instead, it makes the team seem more out of touch. Keep references subtle and relevant to your content, and only make them if it suits your firm’s character. No one expects law firms to be “cool”, so don’t try to reinvent the wheel.


Focusing on Promotion, Not Education


Your firm needs new leads, and social media marketing is one of the ways to get them. It should not be a naked focus of your campaign as important as it is. Leads should follow naturally when you focus on offering valuable insights, educating readers, and establishing your trustworthiness. If you focus exclusively on how fantastic your firm is to the detriment of saying anything else, users will notice and respond accordingly.


Developing a Social Strategy That Makes Sense


While a good social media presence is essential, so too is having the certainty that you’re representing yourself well online. Consider what other firms do and evaluate their successes and failures as you develop your own path. Watch out for the mistakes described above, and don’t miss opportunities to reflect on what works for your business.


At Inherent, our experience and understanding of the unique challenges facing law firms online position us perfectly to assist with developing a sensible strategy. Explore opportunities for better design, content, and direction with our help today.