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5 Inexpensive Upgrades You Can Make to Your Website Now

November 2018

Just like in fashion, trends in web design go in and out of style. New trends come along, and if you don’t keep pace with them, your website is going to start looking dated. If you upgraded your website two or three years ago, in other words, there’s a good chance that it’s time for another makeover. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your website looking cool and welcoming to visitors. Here are five inexpensive strategies you can use to give your site a 2018 upgrade.

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Improve your mobile design: Pretend for a minute that your mobile site was the only version of your site. Would you be satisfied with it? For a lot of users, mobile-first is already a reality, which means your site’s mobile version needs to be good enough to stand entirely on its own. Look at your mobile site and take note of details such as the theme, color palette, layout, font, text size, and navigation. If your mobile site is difficult to read or doesn’t have an intuitive design, you should focus most of your (modest) budget to hire an expert and shape it into something better.

Add illustrations: Looking for ways to spice up the aesthetic of your website? In 2018, original illustrations and artwork have been hugely popular. If your site still has stock photos or autoplay videos, you’re a little behind the times. Illustrations can add an artistic, impressionist feel to your site—something that can draw visitors in whether you are aiming for a whimsical feel or a more professional tone.

Keep every page original: Both in terms of visuals and content, keeping every page singular and original is essential. Using the same images or videos on two separate pages can cause confusion, while copying and pasting content can lead to Google penalizing your site in search rankings. As mentioned above, original images and videos are important, too. Modern Internet users can spot a stock photo from a mile away. Using pictures that you either took yourself or hired a photographer to take is a small thing that can make your site feel monumentally more professional and legitimate.

Add new pages and content: Not every upgrade to your site needs to be visual or functional. Adding new content and pages to your website allows you to share more information with your customers while also giving yourself more chances to score a lofty Google ranking. Especially if your business website is pretty bare—and some are, offering no more than a landing page and 3-4 service pages—there is a lot you can do with content. Add new landing pages for different categories of service; create sub-pages for the various services that exist under each category; create an FAQ section that links off to separate pages for each question or tutorial; create a blog and start using it actively. Content that is fresh, informative, well-written, and optimized around specific keywords can do wonders.

Add links: Interlinking different pages on your website can increase your page views, boost user engagement with your site, and build a powerful conversion funnel for your customers to travel through. Your blog posts offer plenty of opportunities to link out to your service pages, and each service page should include a link to your contact page or email form. If you didn’t do much linking when you first created your content, set aside a few days to go through each post and add links.

At Inherent, we would be happy to help you execute these upgrades or identify other opportunities for cost-conscious website improvements. Contact us today to get started.