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Applicant Tracking Systems: An Efficient Solution for Law Firms

April 2022

Applicant Tracking Systems: An Efficient Solution for Law Firms

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The need to recruit fresh talent is a constant in the legal sector. Especially for small and growing firms, attracting bright legal minds with the motivation to put in the hard work necessary is a frequent source of concern. Placing job openings and advertising listings in the most popular places online and in legal publications is only one part of the process. How can you determine which individuals are most worth the investment of an interview?


Modern technology can play an important role. After you’ve already made the effort to attract interested parties, new tools, such as the “applicant tracking system” can ensure you don’t waste valuable time sorting through piles of CVs. Here’s what to know.


What is an ATS or Applicant Tracking System?


An applicant tracking system is any software designed to help recruiters manage the workflows surrounding hiring. An ATS can make it easy to post job listings to multiple locations at one time, for example. However, its primary purpose covers the initial processing and assessment of applications. Instead of tediously sorting through every resume and evaluating its suitability for the job role, the ATS performs some initial analysis on received applications and allows you to filter results and find the most qualified candidates quickly.


The Advantages an ATS Offers to Law Firms


Deploying an ATS does require a new investment and the time necessary to set up and start using the software. However, doing so can allow you to realize new process efficiencies that save time and money. The key advantages to using an ATS include:


  • Save time at every step of the hiring process, from advertising openings to choosing candidates for interviews.
  • Search past and present applications for specific skills, experience, or other attributes that you want to identify for a specific position.
  • Boost the likelihood of encountering and interviewing the most qualified candidates for a position by using software that elevates those CVs to the top.
  • Make the hiring process smoother and faster for applicants, reducing the friction that can turn away job applicants attracted by your outreach efforts.


Are There Potential Downsides?


The usefulness of the ATS is hard to question, especially in today’s highly competitive legal environment. Depending on your region, a single opening may receive dozens or even hundreds of CVs. However, it is essential to remember that an ATS has limitations like any tool. A poorly configured system may not properly parse all resumé formats and could potentially miss qualified candidates. Likewise, a lack of integration with your other systems might detract from its usefulness. Using professional guidance and insight from qualified providers can help make your deployment process more manageable and reduce the chance of encountering such issues.


Exploring Technology to Empower Your Firm


For law firms of virtually every size, an investment in an ATS deployment can be a smart choice. Ensure that you can streamline the process of making job postings while enjoying the ability to review the results of your candidate search quickly. Start exploring the first steps towards overhauling your hiring process to be faster and more modern today.