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Coupling Additional Services to Your Website: The What's, Why's, and How's

April 2018

The skeleton of your law firm’s website is in place. All the pages are up and running, you have a strong user interface, and your foundation of content is relatively robust. Your site is done, right? Well, not quite.

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Even with the basics in place, you can always do more. And these days, with users expecting and demanding an exceptional online experience, it’s in your firm’s best interests to flesh out your site with additional services and features. Below, we’ve compiled a few items that should be on your list of improvements.

  • Google AdWords: SEO is a must for every law firm, but with how many firms there are out there—and how much competition there is for different keywords—you can’t rely on organic search alone. If you want new customers to find you through Google, you are going to have to embrace paid advertising. Google AdWords is a pay-per-click platform that lets you bid on certain keywords, place sponsored results on Google search result pages, target specific audiences, review metrics for your campaign, and adjust your strategy as necessary. It can do a ton to increase your visibility and bring qualified leads to your site.
  • A visual makeover: Aesthetics matter in modern web design. You need your site to have a unique and eye-catching visual identity. Give your brand a makeover—including a new logo and a house style—and apply those features to your website. Users will appreciate the fresh look and will spend more time on your site, engage with your content, and maybe even heed your calls to action.
  • SSL certificates: SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer.” An SSL certificate essentially ensures communications between your site and a user’s web browser are encrypted. Installing SSL certificates on your pages protects users if they need to transmit sensitive information through your site. It’s also something Google wants to see, which means it will help your SEO.
  • Availability calendars and online reservations: What if a potential client wants to set up a consultation appointment through your website? Having an availability calendar they can use to schedule their own appointments means less work for you or your secretarial staff. This feature seems small, but it’s a major time-saver.
  • Live chat: If a visitor is having trouble scheduling an appointment, needs a service pricing quote, or just wants to ask a general legal question, a live chat feature can be a much more convenient option than a traditional email contact form.
  • Webstore: It might seem silly to have a webstore for a law firm, but there are definitely situations where it makes sense. Use a webstore to promote legal services and their costs in a transparent fashion, or to simplify the booking process in a way a modern e-commerce customer already understands.

If you are interested in incorporating these features or services into your website, Inherent can help. We know our way around AdWords and SSL and can assist you in finding and implementing the best software for calendars, online reservations, live chats, and webstores.