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Defining Your Visual Identity as a Law Firm

December 2022

Defining Your Visual Identity as a Law Firm

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In the legal sector, many firms fall into a surprisingly simple trap that causes them no end of headaches for years to come when trying to market themselves. What's the problem? Simply put, a belief that skills and experience will always win clients over more than more superficial aspects. This isn't strictly true; however people do judge books by their covers, and a strong visual identity is a demonstrably critical part of any branding effort.


Though many lawyers would prefer to compete solely on the merits of their practice, the reality is different: savvy marketing demands a cohesive visual appearance. When someone sees your logo or firm name in public, they should be able to know at a glass whose it is—or at least that's the idea. Unfortunately, many firms don't invest time or effort into visual branding that is distinct and enriched with their personality. The result is a distinct and neutral style — one that is also distinctly boring.


So how do you go about defining your visual identity in a meaningful way?


Think About What Colors Say to Viewers


Choose your colors wisely. Psychologists and marketers alike have known for decades that people intuit emotions and other attributes from the colors a business uses. Match the colors you choose for your brand to elements of your area of practice, the personality of your firm, and the impression you want to create, such as authority, warmth, or openness.


Invest in a Quality Logo


Don't simply choose a font, type up your firm name, and call it a day. That's not a smart way to stay top of mind. Instead, invest in a logo that includes graphical elements and flourishes. Prestigious law firms might opt for an almost calligraphic logo, while a family law firm might have a visual component to evoke family, such as a child's toy. Icons can be powerful tools, and you shouldn't miss any opportunity to visually educate the public about who you are and what you do. Memorable logos tie your brand identity together.


Don't Overlook Fonts


Font selection communicates more than most people think, mainly because we make mostly subconscious judgments about what a font says about its user. For example, no firm should rely on comic-style fonts — it undermines credibility and creates an impression of amateurism. On the other hand, a font that is too basic makes you seem generic. Choose fonts that mesh well with one another and provide a modern appearance that complements the other elements of your visual identity.


Make a Worthwhile Investment in Visuals


Visuals are often the first way you make an impression on the public, long before they ever interact with your firm or see your online content. Investing in a strong brand identity now ensures you can enjoy the dividends of that work later. At Inherent, we have a proven depth of experience in helping law firms define and refine their approach to online marketing. Learn more about how we can help you with every aspect of digital outreach today when you contact us.