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How to Rank for an Amazon Search

March 2019

Does your business sell products on

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If so, you are dealing with an entirely different type of SEO than what we usually talk about with Google. Amazon has its own algorithm that it uses to deliver search results within its online store. Ranking near the top of a popular search can be the difference between an Amazon bestseller and something that only a fraction of customers ever sees. Amazon SEO is vital for businesses that sell products on the platform. The question is, how can vendors master the Amazon algorithm to achieve better rankings?

About the Amazon Algorithm

The Amazon algorithm that delivers product search results is called A9. When you type a search into Amazon, the A9 algorithm rapidly searches the Amazon catalog to find products that may be a match. Then, A9 ranks those products in order of relevancy. The search results you see on are the result of this algorithmic process.

So how does Amazon determine which results are most relevant? As with regular SEO, part of the equation is keywords. Most Amazon searches fall on the long-tail end of the keyword spectrum. Customers are looking for particular products, so their queries are packed with keywords that reflect the product details or features they are seeking.

Successful sellers can harness this long-tail keyword focus by incorporating all the key selling points of their product into the product name. If you want to see what we’re talking about, go to Amazon and type in a search for “iPhone case.” The top search results aren’t just called “case for iPhone” or something similar. Instead, they list the numerous phones they are compatible with (“iPhone 7 case/iPhone 8 case”) as well as notable features such as kickstands, color, wallet cases, or shockproof protection. In essence, the product name on Amazon becomes a condensed product description.

Keywords are only part of the equation, though. Another significant consideration when trying to rank on Amazon is your product photos. Customers do judge products on Amazon by their pictures. If you don’t have an image of your product, you can’t compete. If you don’t have a good photo, your search rankings are going to suffer. Ideally, you will have multiple well-lit, full-color, high-resolution images that show your product from various angles. Depending on the product, you may also want to have pictures showing the product being used or worn.

The other side of the A9 search is the commercial side. Prices matter, because Amazon won’t give a high ranking to a product that is priced higher than every competing product or seller. Your products need to be priced competitively within the market. Reviews and sales also matter and are more out of your hands. High ratings or reviews are going to give you a leg up in your rankings, as Amazon typically prioritizes products rated four stars or higher. Offering refunds to unsatisfied customers or making yourself available for other customer service enquiries will help you avoid negative reviews. As for sales, you’ll need to consider a range of tactics—including discounted pricing and advertising—to get more people to click “Add to cart” on your product page.

At Inherent, we can help you explore these tactics and other strategies for improving your product rank on Amazon. Contact us today to get started.