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Mobile Remains the Trendsetter in Web Design

January 2018

Is your law firm’s website optimized for mobile? If not, 2018 could be the year in which you really start paying the price for being behind the times.

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Mobile has been the king of web traffic for some time now. According to StatCounter Global Stats, October 2016 was the month when mobile and tablet devices first surpassed laptops and desktops in worldwide internet usage. That month, the statistical breakdown was 51.3% mobile versus 48.7% desktop. Mobile has only widened the lead since.

Does the fact that more people are using mobile these days mean businesses should stop catering to desktop users? Not necessarily. Your firm’s website should be optimized for both desktop and mobile, with a responsive design that can tell the difference between the two. However, we are moving into an era in which web designers are going to pay attention to the mobile version of a site first and the desktop version second.

Google’s Mobile-First Search Index and What It Means for Your Business
In November 2016, less than a month after mobile rates beat desktop for the first time globally, Google announced plans to roll out “mobile-first indexing.” What this term essentially means is Google will soon be set up so its algorithms look primarily at mobile versions of websites to determine elements like search ranking. In other words, if your site isn’t responsive and does not have a high-quality mobile version, Google is going to start penalizing you more seriously than ever.

Not even the best SEO campaign in the world will be able to stave off these changes. The shift to mobile-first indexing is almost upon us. In December, Google said it had started to make the transition and that mobile-first search indexing had already been rolled out to a small number of sites.

The chances are that your law firm’s website is not one of the sites that are already being indexed by the mobile-first index. However, very soon, all sites will need to play by the rules of mobile-first indexing. Without a strong mobile version of your site, chances of ranking at or near the top of any Google search will be nonexistent. Refining Your Site Design to Suit a Mobile World

What should your law firm do? Embrace the future.
If you don’t have a responsive site, call your web designer right now to figure out how quickly you can implement one. If you need to spring for an entirely new website, take heart in knowing the investment will pay off, and soon. Even if you have a responsive, dynamic, and mobile-friendly site, acquaint yourself with the latest trends in mobile web design. Like desktop web design, what’s popular in the mobile world is always changing. Keeping your finger on the pulse will help you prepare your business for the internet of tomorrow.

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