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Paid vs. Organic Social Media Marketing: Comparing the Benefits

August 2022

Paid vs. Organic Social Media Marketing: Comparing the Benefits

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There's no question that social media is the dominant force on the web today. From the biggest established players such as Facebook to the explosive newcomers like TikTok, a considerable number of web users spend some or most of their time using social platforms today. For law firms, even though these spaces have typically been a challenge for effective marketing, you can't ignore the potential of that power and reach.


That leaves a major question still to be answered: should you invest in paid social media advertising, or should you try to grow your presence organically with the free tools provided by the platforms themselves? To find the answer to that question, let's look at the key benefits of each approach.


The Power of Paid Social Media Marketing


When you want to reach a specific audience quickly, there's nothing like the reach you can achieve with paid marketing. Although some networks have scaled back the level of detail achievable in paid advertising, you can still ensure that your content reaches the eyes of those users most likely to be motivated to interact with your content.


Paid advertising offers benefits such as:


  • Immediate access to audience targeting.
  • Detailed metrics on ad engagement and campaign results.
  • Easier to budget for and a more affordable way to quickly reach large audiences.
  • Rapidly promote new products or time-sensitive events.


Are there drawbacks to using this method? As with everything else in digital marketing, there are some trade-offs, especially if you rely exclusively on paid methods. The campaign only works as long as you keep paying. Turn off the funds, and your ads vanish—and so might all that extra traffic. That's why an organic presence can pay dividends.


Unlocking the Benefits of Free Social Media Marketing


"Free" marketing refers to establishing your firm's presence on social media and engaging with audiences the same way you would as a regular user. That means making posts, sharing content, leaving comments, and engaging with users. Organic marketing has several advantages:


  • Send traffic off the social platform and back to your website for content engagement.
  • No up-front costs for making posts.
  • Audiences remain as long as you stay active and continue posting.
  • Build a community that spreads brand awareness independently of your efforts.


What are some of the challenges associated with tapping into those benefits? Time is the big one — no one builds a strong organic presence overnight. It's not necessarily "free" either. You're not paying for ads, but you still need to invest in making effective posts and producing content to share.


Developing a Social Media Strategy That Makes Sense


So, which is the superior choice — paid marketing solutions or leaning on organic engagements for "free" marketing? Ultimately, the answer will vary for every business, but a smart combination of the two in a strategy that supports long-term goals will likely prove to be the best way forward.


At Inherent, we have extensive experience with the complex marketing landscape facing law firms today, including in many social media spheres. Take a deeper look at what social media marketing can mean for your firm and explore what solutions will yield the best results for you today. Let's talk today.