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Powerfully Impacting Your Law Firm's SEO by Mapping Brand Journeys

May 2022

Powerfully Impacting Your Law Firm's SEO by Mapping Brand Journeys

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No single winning formula guarantees success in search engine optimization for law firms. Because search engines themselves undergo constant changes and tinkering, businesses hoping to reach potential customers must also remain agile, flexible, and open to change. That often means ongoing strategic shifts and a continuous effort to produce quality content for ranking.


As much as search engines can change, one thing often remains remarkably similar over time: how customers navigate their journey to reaching your business. The brand journey, also called the customer journey, is a powerful tool that can help you better understand the best ways to structure your SEO. With a clearer sense of this process, you can re-calibrate your SEO to target when customers may be most motivated to connect with you. What should you know about this, and how can you use it to your advantage?


The Brand Journey, Explained


The concept of the brand journey is easy to understand if you consider how you've interacted with businesses on your own in the past. This concept describes how customers search for and think about businesses and their products or services at every stage, including the very beginning and the end.


The first step on a typical customer journey in the legal space is encountering a problem they have no solution to or relevant knowledge of. For example, someone who experiences a personal injury may want to know more about their options. Later, that same person may want more information about law firms—perhaps they've even had one consultation with a competitor. Ultimately, the journey even encompasses the post-service experience and the feedback process.


Mapping Your Brand Journey


Building a map of your firm's journey can take some time, depending on the number of client touchpoints your business uses. Chart out the path of both hypothetical and real-world clients and include all the various marketing channels you use, including email and social media. Don't forget to include touchpoints that may not seem obvious at first, such as when clients interact with support staff in your firm.


The Impact on SEO


With a bird's-eye view of what clients go through when interacting with your firm, you can reshape your SEO campaign to better target individuals at every stage. An individual may undergo a long learning and research process before they choose to commit and become a client. Knowing what motivates web users and drives their search patterns at each stage gives you an important insight.


Look at your customer's journey and ask the questions they ask. What do they want to see? What do they need to know? The answers to these inquiries can fill your content calendar for months. Now you can produce targeted content that delivers value at key stages, addresses common pain points, and increases the chance you will make conversions.


Exploring Your Next Steps


Are you ready to begin making changes that produce better SEO results and improved customer outcomes as well? At Inherent, our years of experience and cutting-edge knowledge of digital marketing make us an excellent match for firms exploring growth options. Speak with our team today to learn more about defining and refining your brand journey.