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Quick & Easy Upgrades for Law Firm Blog and Website Content

January 2022

More than almost any other marketing tool, a law firm's website and its corresponding blog represent one of the most potent ways to reach out to the public. Nearly half of all searches conducted through Google come from users seeking local information, so a blog that enables effective SEO and outreach is essential. Over time, however, your site and blog elements can become stale, gradually growing less effective. Does that mean you need to start all over?

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Not at all — you won't usually need to discard everything and start from scratch. Instead, you could explore opportunities to make simple but effective upgrades to your content and the strategy behind it. Let's look at a few of the steps you can take to improve your content without taking too much time away from the important work your firm performs for clients.


Create a FAQ Page


Consider launching a new "frequently asked questions" page on your site that covers all the most common questions your firm receives related to typical cases. Not only is a FAQ page an excellent way to generate positive SEO for your business, but it can serve as an internal linking opportunity to existing blogs — or new content you add inspired by the questions.


Break Down the Different Areas of Your Practice


Even law firms that deal in a very narrow area of law often have multiple scenarios they encounter and handle. For example, a personal injury lawyer could speak to the differences between cases involving accidental falls, car accidents, or individual negligence. You can often readily produce a wealth of content to educate the public on the types of cases you handle and their nuances.


Post Updates About Changes in the Law


While this may not work for every law firm, there are sometimes opportunities to provide educational blog content about recent changes in your area of practice. These changes could impact the way some cases proceed. By including the right keywords and sharing your content on your social channels, you can build a positive reputation for trustworthy content with such updates.


Streamline Existing Content and Add Fresh Keywords


Do you already have a blog filled with content? It's time to check your Google Analytics results and see which ones drive results and which don't. When necessary, delete outdated or low-quality blog content and replace it with an improved and new version. Consider doing an SEO refresh of successful existing content and finding ways to incorporate different keywords to attract more traffic.


Start Exploring Your Options Today


From adding new pages to refreshing old content, you can take many simple steps to upgrade your web content. The proper framework to host and display that content matters too.


At Inherent, we bring years of experience to bear in pursuit of helping our clients refine and ultimately define their position on the web. We're here to help you stand out from the crowd with design insights, strategy, and assistance in execution. Find out more today.