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Should Law Firms Invest Most in Social Media, SEM, or SEO?

August 2022

Should Law Firms Invest Most in Social Media, SEM, or SEO?

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Effective digital marketing must be a pillar of any law firm's strategy for developing its business, gathering leads, and ultimately turning those leads into paying clients. While physical advertising on city buses, benches, and billboards has typically dovetailed primarily advertising in print, on TV, and even on the radio, today, the internet must be a core area of focus. Not only do most people begin researching services they need online, but you can effectively reach local audiences online, too.


Deciding to build a digital strategy is just one piece of the puzzle. Next comes a challenging question. Where should you invest most of your time and effort? Should you focus on the broad popularity of social media, or should you build a paid search engine marketing campaign? What about search engine optimization for organic traffic? Let's look at each of these in turn and assess where you should make your investment.


Is Social Media Marketing the Right choice?


On platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter and Instagram, law firms can drive engagements that make users more aware of their brand. Social media marketing can be challenging for more service-based businesses. It requires consistent production of high-quality content and an active effort to engage with the communities you build.


Conversely, a combination of paid and organic social media marketing can kick a campaign into gear. The content you produce can also work into your SEO campaigns. However, traction is hard to get on social media, and it can take a long time and a larger investment to see results.


How Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Helps You


Paid search engine marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to put your brand in front of motivated users. By bidding for keywords relevant to your firm, you can elevate your chances of making your brand one of the first things users see when searching for law-related queries. As a downside, though, SEM only remains effective if you keep paying—and some keywords can prove expensive. Good SEM means smart budgeting and timing your campaigns right.


The Power of SEO


Search engine optimization is all about making your website and your content easier to find online. From improving site speed to developing high-value content relevant to user interests and peppered with relevant keywords, this organic approach is the other side of the SEM coin. Like social marketing, good SEO can take time to develop and produce results. However, once you generate momentum with SEO, maintaining an effective campaign becomes simpler—and you don't have to pay for keyword advertising continuously.


Which Solution Offers the Best Way Forward?


If anything is clear, it's this: SEO, SEM, and social media all have strengths that can help you grow your business. Each has some troublesome drawbacks, too. With that in mind, focusing on just one marketing method doesn't make sense. For law firms, the best outcomes will come from a smart strategy that leverages cutting-edge SEO and relies on savvy social skills and intelligent SEM buys. When combined, all these options working together provide better outcomes than a fragmented approach.


At Inherent, we have a strong understanding of what it takes to succeed in each of these digital marketing categories. See what strategies could work for your firm when you start a conversation with us today.