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Standing for Integrity and Credibility Without Losing Your Marketing Edge

November 2022

Standing for Integrity and Credibility Without Losing Your Marketing Edge

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Not all marketing strategies aim to play by the rules—some will attempt to bring in customers and leads at any cost, even if some of those people come away with a negative brand perception. We’ve all had an experience with marketing that we didn’t like. Perhaps it stoked controversy, appeared in bad taste, or was deceptive and didn’t communicate the information you expected.


These practices might work for some in the short term, but in the long term, they damage public perceptions of marketing and even the industries that use such tactics. In the legal sector, marketing with integrity doesn’t always seem easy, especially in crowded local markets where acquiring leads and obtaining clients isn’t easy. However, it can and should be done, and your firm can market with integrity, too.


Why stand firm on matters of integrity? Prospective clients want to partner with a firm they know they can trust. Develop your brand’s credibility through truthful, effective marketing to ensure the public has the right impression about you and what you do. They’ll be more likely to trust that your dedication to integrity carries through to your work. So what can you do to stand for integrity?


Always Prioritize Honesty in Communications


Never set out to be deceiving in your marketing. For example, don’t entice people with “free” consultations that won’t help them decide about pursuing their case. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver. If your strategy revolves around bringing people through the door and trying to convince them with pressure tactics, you won’t generate the reputation you want. As you produce content to market your firm online, always tell the truth—don’t amplify what you can’t confirm, no matter how juicy or trendy the story.


Use Statistics That Readers Can Trust


Establishing your firm as a reliable source of information and a team that the public can turn to for help is essential. As you produce and share content, statistics help to improve the authority of your message and provide credible insights. Make sure to only elevate stats from truly reliable sources—don’t repeat figures that help you make your point but whose ultimate origin is impossible to know.


Be Sensitive and Strive To Avoid Unfairness and Controversy


It’s possible to capitalize on trending topics without harming the integrity of your firm—you just need to pick your battles carefully. Instead of wading into the most hot-button issues on social media, zero in on stories and trends that you can relate to the area of law you practice. Remember, as you produce content, your audience must be broad and inclusive. Offer valuable insights rather than contributing to divisiveness in your content marketing.


Align Your Marketing With Your Mission


Most law firms invest time in formulating their mission statement, and most of those statements reflect a commitment to providing clients with the best service possible. Why shouldn’t your marketing be the same? Standing for integrity sets you apart—and when your advertising aligns with your values, the public sees the consistency and reliability they need from a provider like you. Evaluate and explore how you can improve these efforts in your business today.