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Strategies for Your AdWords Campaign

January 2018

In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about why Google AdWords is so powerful for law firms. If you are having trouble ranking for a specific keyword or phrase, AdWords can get your firm to the top of the page. Even if your firm is ranking thanks to your SEO campaign, you can supplement the ranking with an AdWords placement to boost the visibility and credibility of your brand. By giving your firm a sponsored listing on Google, you broadcast a message: you are the real deal.

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Google AdWords isn’t the easiest platform to master. Figuring out which keywords to target, what you want your ad to say, how much you want to spend, and how to tweak Google’s settings to target the right demographics involves a steep learning curve. To make it easier, we’ve compiled tips and strategies to help you build an effective AdWords campaign.

1. Look at what your competitors are doing: Before you spend a dime on AdWords, look at what other law firms in your area are doing with AdWords. There is a lot of competition in the legal field, which means law-related keywords, “lawyer,” “attorney,” and “law firm,” specifically, tend to be among the most expensive keywords to target on AdWords. Looking at what your competitors are doing can be helpful because it can tell you how to differentiate yourself.

2. Use keyword extensions to get less expensive PPC rates: Unless you have a big budget, you’re probably not going to get prime AdWords real estate for a keyword such as “law firm St. Louis.” You might have better luck in smaller cities, but you should focus on finding other keywords. Extending your keywords with qualifiers or extra details is dually beneficial: it can place you in less competitive (and therefore less expensive) AdWords bids while highlighting what makes your firm unique. Extensions can be terms involving the suburbs or neighborhoods you service, the type of law you practice, or special perks such as free consultations or 24-hour customer service.

3. Include a phone number in your AdWords listing: Most Google searches happen on mobile platforms. As such, when you are writing your AdWords ad, you need to include a phone number. Recently, Google added the option to incorporate a “Call” button into AdWords listings. Take advantage of this feature to win over mobile users right away.

4. Don’t forget geo-targeting: just because the keyword you are targeting has a location in it doesn’t mean you can ignore geo-targeting. Geo-targeting lets you set a radius for your ad. Users outside of this radius will not see your AdWords ad. Geo-targeting is one of the most powerful ways of qualifying leads and not paying for clicks that are unlikely to lead to conversions.

5. Tweak your campaign as you go: Google tracks data for your AdWords campaigns, bids, and keywords. Over time, you should be able to see which ads are yielding results and which don’t result in conversions. You can and should tweak your campaign as you go, decreasing or eliminating bids on underperforming keywords and reallocating that budget.

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