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The 4 Most Common Law Firm Landing Page Mistakes

February 2022

The 4 Most Common Law Firm Landing Page Mistakes

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Is your law firm grabbing attention and holding on to it long enough to accomplish your marketing purpose? Well-made landing pages are an essential element of success in today’s digital marketing. Targeting users arriving from common or related search engine queries, these pages can be a vital link in lead generation. Some landing pages can even guide users deeper into the funnel as you try to obtain new clients.


Unfortunately, it is easy to make mistakes that diminish or even blunt the effectiveness of your pages altogether. Many law firms fall into these traps and then wonder why their outreach efforts aren’t as effective as competitors’. What are these common errors that you should strive to avoid?


Pages That Overwhelm Readers With Clutter


It’s normal to aim for communicating as much as you can as quickly as possible when you attract readers to a landing page. However, many law firms completely overwhelm visitors with too much content, too many graphics, and a very confusing navigational layout. Your bounce rate will soar when this happens. Keep your landing pages clean and concise, so users don’t need to search all over the page for important information.


Headlines That Don’t Grab Attention


The art of the headline is a tough one to master, but it’s fundamental to your success. Don’t use the same generic headlines you see everywhere online — try to mix things up and think of what would make you stop to read the page. Your headline should be short and punchy in inviting a reader to continue down the page.


Weak or Missing Calls to Action


Believe it or not, many firms completely forget to include a CTA at the end of their landing pages. If you keep a reader’s attention to the bottom of a page, don’t waste the opportunity to convert. Include highly targeted and powerful calls to action at several points on the page to guide users towards taking the actions you want them to take.


Long-Form Content Where Readers Expect Short Form


Landing pages are an excellent opportunity to educate users, but be aware of how much time people want to spend on your site. Putting up a 2,000-word essay on the ins and outs of personal injury law might seem valuable, but what users seek out might be more along the lines of a very brief guide to understanding the concept of negligence in personal injury cases. Populate your landing page with long enough content to provide value, but not so long that it drives away users.


Building Better Landing Pages for Law Firms


A good landing page should be engaging, interesting, and as unique as possible while quickly and coherently communicating with new visitors. While knowing what mistakes to avoid makes your job easier, it doesn’t make it altogether straightforward. There are still many things to consider to craft landing pages that work effectively towards your purpose.


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