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The 5 Best Free Tools for Self-Managed SEO

March 2022

The 5 Best Free Tools for Self-Managed SEO

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Carving out your niche online is easier said than done. Years ago, the techniques that helped businesses such as law firms stand out were simple to master. Today’s complex environment demands a more robust approach to search engine optimization to ensure you’re reaching the motivated local users who matter to your firm.


While you will need to invest time and effort into the fundamentals of good SEO, from innovative website design to rich and relevant content marketing, how will you determine success? This is where the right tools become essential for creating your strategy, guiding its path, and evaluating its performance. Instead of immediately paying for expensive suites of professional tools, consider the value that already exists in the form of the immense range of free tools available to businesses right now.


What are the best no-cost tools you can use for better SEO today?


1. Google Analytics is Still a Rock-Solid Foundation


No SEO project can truly get off the ground without help from Google Analytics, which gathers useful data about how users reach your website, where they land, how long they spend, and reports on other important metrics, too. Analytics is free to set up and use, and it can provide you with the foundation you need to get started — and it is a long-term way to track progress. Don’t forget the Google Search Console, too, which provides similar data and offers a way to analyze backlinks and other issues.


2. Use ScreamingFrog to Find Hidden Problems


What hidden issues hold your SEO efforts back from being truly successful? ScreamingFrog helps you figure out the answer to that question. With the first 500 links analyzed for free, most firms can easily evaluate their entire website multiple times for common pitfalls and errors that “ding” your site in the eyes of search engine algorithms.


3. UberSuggest Delivers Key Insights


How do you find the right keywords to target and analyze what your competitors do? UberSuggest is the answer. An easy-to-use tool that lets you see how and why competitors rank where they do, UberSuggest is a foundational content marketing tool. Generate effective keyword lists and start honing your strategy.


4. SEOptimer Shows Areas Ripe for Improvement


See if your SEO efforts and content investments make the grade or not. With SEOptimer, you can audit any webpage on your site in seconds. Enjoy quick suggestions for how to make improvements. One of the keys to a successful online marketing campaign is continual analysis and readjustment and a willingness to make changes when necessary. SEOptimer helps with that task.


5. Gauge Performance With GTMetrix


Although a minor element of SEO, it is an important one nonetheless. Some elements of good design are easy to overlook if you don’t think about them, such as how fast pages load. Use GTMetrix to analyze page load speeds and receive free suggestions for improvements.


Finding the Right Tools Today


There are dozens, if not hundreds, of free SEO tools on the market today and many more that offer paid services. Choosing the right combination for your business is the key to going further in your endeavors. At Inherent, we have an excellent sense of the landscape law firms face online today, and we’re well-equipped to provide critical guidance to help you make the most of your online marketing campaign. Learn more about how we can help you deploy the right tools and techniques today.