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The Basics of Seasonal Marketing for Law Firms

June 2022

The Basics of Seasonal Marketing for Law Firms

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Marketing isn't a process that occurs entirely within a vacuum. In the real world, changing circumstances and shifting seasons can drive different engagement patterns and alter what users seek online. As a result, many businesses invest in making seasonal pivots, changing up their marketing to better align with the time of year or current events. This is an important element of a successful strategy; even law firms can capitalize on this.


While there is a well-known "season" for divorce lawyers that usually peaks in March and then again in August, that's a niche application. Generally, law firms can take advantage of the time of year to adjust their marketing for greater reach and impact. Here's what to know about the basics of this process.


Know When Your Audiences Are Receptive to Seasonal Content


Depending on the area of law you practice, there may be times when your audience will have a greater motivation to search out certain types of information. The scenario for divorce lawyers we mentioned is just one such opportunity. For example, there is often a clear home-buying "season" which can be an excellent time for property lawyers to advertise more. Likewise, making a bigger push during tax season with law-related content can appeal to business owners or individuals who need help.


Produce Content That Aligns with the Time of Year


Adding seasonal content to your blog can attract hits simply for being relevant. Consider a personal injury law firm that decides to make a marketing push in the late spring with many summer-related topics. This content might examine liability for events such as dog bites, injuries at summer camp, and other possibilities. Information about slip-and-fall cases could be similarly useful in the autumn or winter.


Pull Back on Campaigns When They Won't Generate Wins


Knowing when to push ahead is important—but knowing when to pull back can help you save money, too. Look at your current and historical data if available. Are there clear signs of times of the year when engagement drops? The winter holidays can be a disruption, and so too can other points of time in the year. Don't advertise to readers who aren't even looking because they're busy. Instead, shape your campaign to be most aggressive during the times of the year when it can do the most good.


Explore More Seasonal Strategies Today


Adopting the right approach can necessarily involve some trial and error. There's no sure way of knowing what your audiences will respond best to until you begin trying content and gathering data. That process can be difficult to start when you're so heavily engaged in nurturing leads and servicing clients.


With Inherent, law firms like yours can tap into a deep well of experience on the subject of online marketing. With services and skills to support your efforts to develop more effective outreach, we can work with you to take your firm to the next level of audience engagement. Start a conversation with us today to learn more about leveraging seasonal marketing.