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The Importance of Keyword Research

July 2018

SEO is a three-stage process. The point of search engine optimization is to rank higher on Google results and other SERPs. The point of boosting your business’s Google ranking is to increase visibility and drive more people to your website. And the point of drawing people to your site is to trigger more conversions and boost your profits. None of these things can happen without keyword research.

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Keyword research is at the root of every SEO campaign, every content marketing strategy, and every conversion that happens because of a blog post or article. It is the source of organic searches, high Google rankings, and strong conversion rates. Simply put, no business can thrive in the competitive internet world without proper keyword research.

Keyword research isn’t just about finding out what is getting searched on Google and fitting those keywords into your content. There are popular keywords you are never going to rank for no matter how many times you shoehorn them into your content.

Just because you are a law firm doesn’t mean you have a chance of ranking on Google for “law firm.” That keyword is just too popular. There are also keywords that are getting searched regularly but not necessarily by the people in your target audience. Ranking for those keywords wouldn’t do you any good, because your chance of converting leads into paying customers would be almost nonexistent.

Keyword research solves both problems. It gives you keywords that you have a reasonable chance of ranking for and ensures they are keywords people in your target audience are typing into search engines.

One of the best things about keyword research is it can help you see just how many forms keywords take. Just because you can’t rank for “law firm” or “law firm San Diego” doesn’t mean you can’t use SEO to bring people to your website. A keyword is just a query someone types into a search engine looking for information. Sometimes, those keywords are short. Other times, they take the form of full questions. “What is the maximum penalty for felony drug possession in Houston?” “How do I fight a traffic ticket in San Francisco?” These are just a few examples of long tail keywords that a law firm might target instead of something more general and generic.

Long tail keywords aren’t always easy to find, which is why keyword research is essential. Once you have a set of long tail keywords, you can reap the benefits. Someone searching one of these keywords has a particular intention. If you write content geared toward answering a specific question, you are unlikely to end up with searchers who view your content as irrelevant, simply because no one will type in one of those questions without wanting the answer. These keywords are also less popular, which means they are easier to rank for on Google.

The toughest part of keyword research is getting started. If you need help learning the ropes, Inherent can help. Get in touch with us to launch your keyword research campaign today.