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The Most Common Ways Law Firms Waste Money on SEO Without Positive Impacts

July 2022

The Most Common Ways Law Firms Waste Money on SEO Without Positive Impacts

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Search engine optimization is a critical process for law firms today, but it's not an industry without its fair share of smoke and mirrors. Understanding exactly what works and what will drive the best results for your firm is not always easy—especially when you have clients and obligations that take up your time.


Often, firms can find themselves in a vicious cycle of spending time and money on SEO efforts that generate minimal impact. What are some of the ways in which lawyers most often lose their way in this aspect of marketing? Knowing what not to do can ensure you make sound choices and smart investments.


Looking at Your Metrics Incorrectly


It's easy to focus on the wrong things when executing an SEO campaign. Many law firms start, making the same mistake: a desire to be number one. These firms want to rank at the very top of the search pages, especially for local terms or even for very broad keywords. Instead of focusing on how many leads you can generate, you get lost in the weeds wondering why you can't push up your page rank.


Producing Content on an Irregular Schedule


Content marketing is a critical element of good SEO, but it's easy to do it wrong. Are you only publishing one item a month—or even less infrequently? Is there no schedule in place that defines when to publish content? Without consistent, quality output, you can't reliably reach your desired audiences or keep them engaged.


Investing in an Ecommerce-Like Strategy


If you try to structure your SEO campaign like you're luring in ecommerce shoppers, you'll waste even more time. Don't assume a lead's journey is the same as when someone comparison shops for a retail product online. Targeting only the users who know they need an attorney, rather than producing educational content to highlight how someone can benefit from the right services, means missing out on lots of potential growth.


Using Outdated SEO Techniques


Did you get your advice from a blog post last updated in 2015? Were you led astray by statistics left over from an article first published in 2009? Trying to "DIY" SEO can lead you to make mistakes and waste money based on techniques that no longer work the way they once did. With an algorithm constantly changing and an audience that has grown more discerning in the types of content they consume, you can't afford to pour time into outmoded strategies—especially when you don't know they're old-fashioned.


Make Your SEO Strategies Work for You


Although there are many potential pitfalls in search engine optimization, it doesn't mean you can't navigate your way to success. Smart investments in the right services, with clearly defined goals can start you on the road to a broader reach and a growing number of leads. At Inherent, we aid law firms in developing an effective web presence that works for business—not against it. See how we can help improve your digital marketing today by contacting us.