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Three Tips to Re-Inspire Your Marketing and SEO Efforts

January 2022

SEOA successful digital marketing campaign contributes to feeding a steady stream of new leads into your funnel. For law firms heavily invested in generating new business regularly, these efforts are essential elements to driving the company's growth. However, when the treadmill slows and ROI drops, it becomes shockingly easy to fall into a routine. Do you feel like your efforts to improve SEO and generate innovative marketing content have been reduced to “going through the motions” month to month?

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What can you do to reinvigorate your marketing in a meaningful way? Without inspiration and passion behind your efforts, it becomes easy for this element of your business to fall by the wayside. Let’s explore three of our top tips for bringing life back to your efforts in the digital space.

Scope Out the Competition
It never hurts to look around and see what others are doing that seems to work. What are other law firms in your space doing to succeed online? You don’t need to limit yourself to your geographic area, either — in fact; you shouldn’t. Cast a wide net to find new legal content online to read. Assess it for yourself from the viewpoint of the average user. What do you find engaging? Plagiarism isn’t the answer, of course, but what you can do is draw upon existing content to find ideas or strategies that you haven’t explored in your own work yet.

Reach Into Your Own Well of Experience for New Ideas
“Write what you know” is a practical axiom for a reason. Consider how you can use your own experience and others in your firm to create new and innovative marketing. Produce case studies based on successes, or examine issues specific to your field based on your personal understanding. Building a brand as an individual can be just as important as doing so for your firm. When you unite the two, you can tap into a new point of view for fresh inspiration.

Look for Questions You Can Answer
While your goal is always to generate new leads and create opportunities for revenue growth, there is immense value in providing valuable help. While you cannot dispense legal advice in marketing, you can focus on answering common and general public questions about your field. Not only does this provide a vast array of opportunities for marketing content, but you can drill down and target important keyword strings for enhanced SEO effectiveness.

Explore Your Options for Re-Inspiring Your Marketing
Taking the time to step back and recognize that your digital marketing efforts have lost some of their heart and passion is the key to starting a re-invigoration. Your marketing campaign receives a vital breath of fresh air by looking at what others have done, exploring new ideas in your history, and creating content that offers real value.

At Inherent, we know all about the importance of managing your campaigns and keeping them fueled with inspiration. Contact us today to take a deeper look into how we can help you structure your campaigns for success with better design and direction.