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Trends in Content Marketing that Will Define 2018

April 2018

Content marketing has evolved at breakneck speed over the past several years. In just a short time, it has gone from a trend to a vital component of any marketing campaign – as important as SEO and social media.

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Like everything else in the digital world, content marketing continues to evolve. What can we expect to see become the hottest trends in content marketing in 2018?

Hyper-personalized content

This year is seeing marketers make not just one blog post, email newsletter, or video for their audience but rather numerous pieces of content within a single campaign. That’s because it’s now essential to personalize content for different audience segments. Marketers can create thousands of different versions of a single piece of content and show the appropriate piece to an individual viewer based on criteria such as demographics, buying behavior, physical locations where they spend time, and apps they have downloaded.

Having so much data available gives marketers the ability to deliver much more relevant content to each consumer. For example, a customer who performs a search for a certain legal service located in a specific area could be shown a video directly relevant to that query. This is just one way hyperpersonalization makes content marketing more effective for both the marketer and the consumer.

The use of influencers

Brands partnering with influencers in their industry is a trend that’s been gaining ground. For years, luxury brands have used influencers to attract their target audience, but today, almost all brands are taking advantage of the opportunity to partner with people who have large social media followings. This approach gives marketers a way to deliver an authentic message rather than blatantly advertising.

For smaller firms, a very effective strategy is targeting “micro-influencers” or those with tens of thousands of followers rather than hundreds of thousands or more. These influencers often don’t require much pay and sometimes are even happy to partner with brands in exchange for access to a wider audience, inside knowledge, or free products or services instead. 20118 will see more and more brands using strategic partnerships to get content shared more widely.

Local content

Another major trend in content marketing this year is localization. Rather than focusing all their efforts on national content, marketers are discovering the value of localized content, or creating content that’s relevant to those in a specific area. That might mean considering local headlines, images, and so on to create content that resonates with a specific geographical segment of the target audience. The result is content that’s suitable for local markets but can also be repurposed intelligently to suit a larger audience in future iterations.