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Using LinkedIn to Engage With Your Customers

October 2022

Using LinkedIn to Engage With Your Customers

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Leveraging the power of LinkedIn for marketing, SEO improvement, and other big-picture elements of your strategy makes sense. Can you use this professional platform to engage with customers and perhaps even attract new clients? The answer is yes—though you might have thought it was "no." That doubt could be extreme if you operate a firm in a field such as personal injury law, real estate law, or even criminal defense.


While it is true that you may not encounter droves of new clients on LinkedIn, that doesn't mean there is nothing to find here—and it doesn't mean you won't find surprises along the way, either. LinkedIn can benefit customer engagement exceedingly, whether in a niche field or an area of corporate law that might naturally appeal to LinkedIn users. So how can you start improving engagement today?


Think About Your Audience and Write for Them


Better engagement starts with giving prospective customers something to engage with in the first place. Carefully define the "buyer" persona you wish to target. What kind of person do you imagine reading the content, and what do you think they need to learn? Use these considerations to craft content you can share on LinkedIn to provide valuable insights. Ask your own questions and start a discussion in the comments. Don't forget to spend time in the replies.


Share Your Posts in Newsletters and Other Outreach


Do you have an email newsletter? Sharing a snippet from your latest LinkedIn post and inviting readers to learn more and ask questions improves your image as a helpful resource. When you portray your business as a thought leader and a down-to-earth, accessible source of help, you can enhance your image and potentially attract new leads.


Network With Past and Current Clients


When possible and appropriate, connect with your clients on LinkedIn. Testimonials from profiles with real names attached can be very beneficial to your business. However, the connections alone can be beneficial. You can keep your firm at the top of the mind for those you network with, but you could also share your content farther away from your own circles. By playing an active role in the online community and continuously finding ways to interest readers, customers will be more likely to remember you when a real need arises.


Explore Deeper Elements of LinkedIn Marketing Today


When you make your presence on LinkedIn more dynamic, you can engage proactively with your customers. From improved and targeted content to a network of past clients that can help to extend your reach, there are many tools at your disposal.


Using these tools to achieve your goal requires a smart strategy. At Inherent, we can help you devise just such a strategy. With years of experience and a proven understanding of modern online marketing, we can help you realize new opportunities for growth and engagement.