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Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Customer Base

September 2022

Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Customer Base


With so many ways for businesses to communicate with the public today, it is essential to extend marketing efforts into as many places as sensible and possible. For law firms, this has meant a significant expansion of marketing into the digital realm. Whereas many lawyers and firms previously relied almost exclusively on physical advertising, from billboards and buses to benches, today's online environment offers many opportunities.


Not only does the web offer the public a chance to learn about important topics relevant to their lives, but it can help connect them to service providers instantly. Taking advantage of this is key to growing your customer base. Let's zero in on one platform that can hold much value for law firms: LinkedIn. Populated mainly by professionals, it can be fertile ground for cultivating a presence that helps you gain more customers.


Build Out a Network of Profiles


The first step is to develop your presence on LinkedIn. Filling out profiles extensively and optimizing them for search will make your firm more discoverable by parties interested in what you can offer. You should have a page for the firm itself, but you should also create pages with full profiles for each lawyer in the firm. This offers opportunities for more personalized and stylized content and puts a human face to the firm.


Set Your Firm Apart as a Thought Leader


Content is key, especially on LinkedIn, but you don't want to repeat the same things everyone else talks about. Instead, become a "thought leader"—a notable source for new insights and incisive questions with interesting answers. Produce content on timely topics and add your own insights for extra value. You can draw in possible leads as your content earns shares, likes, and comments.


Connect With Clients


If possible, network with past clients on LinkedIn. By joining their networks, you can expose your content to those two or three degrees away, expanding your reach. If someone knows a colleague or friend who has worked with your firm successfully and encounters your content regularly, it increases the likelihood that they may enlist your help.


Invest in Targeted Ads


As much as it would be impressive to succeed solely based on an organic strategy, the crowded nature of social media today makes that almost impossible. Instead, alongside the organic approaches described above, you should also invest in paid advertising to boost your content, promote your brand, and ensure that you’re reaching the most motivated audiences in your field.


Build a Strategy To Drive More Leads to Your Firm Today


Slow and steady wins the social media race, but combining the power of paid ads with a longer-term strategy can help you generate wins in the short and long term. What is the right strategic approach for your firm? Do you operate in a niche area where audience targeting will be especially important?


Tap into experience in this area with help from Inherent. With decades of experience and a finger on the pulse of today's web marketing trends, we can help you strive for more customers today. Find out more when you start a conversation with us.