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When People Talk about Your Brand Online, It Helps SEO

March 2019

There are a lot of reasons to monitor the way people talk about your business online. Brand mentions offer a way for you to get honest and unfettered feedback about your products or services. It gives you a chance to engage with dissatisfied customers as a means of changing their experience and maintaining your reputation. It helps you learn about where your products or services fall short for customers, so that you can go back to the drawing board and figure out how to resolve those issues. In short, monitoring brand mentions helps you improve your business. It also helps your SEO.

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Brand Mentions as SEO Boosts: How It Works

In some cases, a brand mention can mention a link to your website. It goes without saying that this kind of activity would help your SEO, just like any other backlink would. Backlinks tell Google that your site is authoritative and important within its industry, which in turn helps your rankings.

More often, though, brand mentions happen without a link. In these cases, the mentions might not be taking people to your site. However, they are ultimately serving a similar purpose to a link. They identify your brand by name, probably in some context that tells readers what your brand does. Anyone interested in visiting your site can easily find their way there.

Google actually has a name for this concept: “implied link.” An implied link, based on Google patent documents, is “a reference to a target resource…which is included in a source resource but is not an express link to the target resource.” In this definition, Google is referring mostly to citations. If an article on the web credits another page or site as a source, that mention would be considered an implied link—even without a URL or hyperlink. However, ultimately, any kind of chatter about your brand online can fall into the category of implied links.

The idea is that brand mentions do all the same things that links do—just without the actual link. As such, these implied links still indicate value in your site to Google. For Google, which is always trying to rank popular, authoritative, relevant sites for its users, these implied links are valuable resources. Chatter about your brand online indicates popularity, authority, and relevance. Thus, Google will pay attention to brand mentions and take them into account when determining where your page should rank.

How to Harness Brand Mentions in Effective Ways

As you can see, brand mentions are important and only becoming more so. Harnessing social media and other tools (such as Google Alerts) to monitor them is a must. Using these mentions to learn more about your customers and their brand experiences is a must. Engaging with brand mentions, where possible, as a must.

However, you also need to look for ways to amplify your brand mentions around the web. Encouraging customers to review your business on popular sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google is one smart tactic. Using social media to engage with followers is another. Some brands are using influencer marketing to drive brand mentions. There are many ways to encourage brand chatter in an organic, white hat fashion. To learn more about these tactics, contact Inherent today.