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Which Social Platform is King for Marketing Law Firms?

January 2022

Connecting with the public is one of the most vital factors in marketing effectiveness. This fact is especially applicable to law firms. Most regions feature a crowded marketplace and keeping your firm “top of mind” for potential clients is no easy feat. For these reasons, social media platforms are a critical area of outreach for online marketing. Developing an effective social media presence might not be an LSAT topic, but it’s just as important as expertise in your field. It can add value to your investments in digital marketing, improve ROI, and strengthen your firm’s reputation, too.

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These efforts begin with choosing the right platforms to develop and share your content. So which platform is the king for law firms? Let’s dive into the numbers to see where you should focus your energy.

LinkedIn Remains at the Top of the Heap
The most popular social choice in the legal industry is the professional social network LinkedIn. According to the American Bar Association’s 2021 Technology Report, 87% of surveyed respondents said their firms maintained a LinkedIn presence. The reasons aren’t hard to understand: LI lets users build visual connections with industry colleagues while also providing a robust platform for publishing long-form content. LI also enables frequent conversation on this content.

However, because LI requires an account for much of its content, it can be tricky to reach users outside of this ecosystem. With less than a quarter of respondents using analytics to understand marketing effectiveness, focusing too much on LinkedIn could mean missing valuable opportunities elsewhere.

Could Twitter Be an Untapped Resource for Law Firms?
While 61% of respondents also said they had a presence on Facebook, only 37% had a presence on Twitter. With at least 200 million active daily users, overlooking the opportunity to share marketing content on Twitter could be a big miss for many firms. Twitter offers a unique chance to generate conversation, such as when a firm shares reports on news stories relevant to its field of law.

Robust integration with your Facebook page can make it easy to cross-promote content for added value. Tweets can direct users to the firm’s web page to learn more and show up in Google search results. Because it’s easy to share posts without following, users can spread your message even if they aren’t in your immediate area.

What about Instagram? With only 13% of firms on the platform, it’s not surprising that it is far from taking the marketing crown. With a user base made up of a majority of young individuals who don’t typically engage with law content, there is currently not much to gain by devoting resources to this platform.

Evaluating What Works Best for Your Business
Ultimately, there is no “one size fits all” answer for where your firm should focus its most serious marketing efforts. Some firms will have excellent success with LinkedIn, while those looking to build connections with their local community and the average individual may do well to engage in a more personalized effort. Sharing content on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites that lead users back to longer content on a well-designed website could prove to be the key to marketing success.

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