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Why Branding Matters So Much for Your Law Firm

November 2017

Some firms don’t think so. They believe if their lawyers are winning cases and representing clients to the best of their ability, then their brand essentially builds itself. There’s no need to spend money or time on things like SEO, social media presence, local and online advertising, sophisticated website development, logo design, or content marketing.

Here’s the key detail they’re missing: the legal market is incredibly saturated. There are a ton of firms out there and even more lawyers for hire. No matter what your firm’s legal specialty is, there are probably half a dozen firms in your geographic area that offer the same thing. If you are based in a major metropolitan area, that number is going to be even bigger.

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In a saturated market, it’s easy for a firm to get lost in the white noise. You risk losing prospective clients to firms that rank higher than you on Google. You risk losing existing clients to firms that have flashier branding. The only defense in this competitive landscape is to make your firm as distinctive and notable as you can, and the only way you can do that is through branding.

Part of branding is visual. You need a consistent aesthetic style for your firm. Your colors need to be consistent across all channels. You need a logo design that looks the same on your business cards as it does on your website. You need a website that has an eye-catching but intuitive mobile-friendly interface. You need your visual branding to exude experience, quality, and trustworthiness.

Another part of branding is visibility. From your local community to the internet, you need to be strategic about your marketing and promotion strategies so that they expand your reach far and wide. Bad brands are invisible; great brands are inescapable for their target markets.

The third party of branding is authority. Your firm needs to be regarded as a leading voice in its niche. Firms recognized in this fashion today did not get there by accident. They got there by honing their branding campaigns to perfection. They made themselves available to interact with prospective clients on social media. They invested heavily in content marketing, producing search-optimized content that also provided unique insights on topics relevant to their clients. They took the time to craft their public image into something recognizable and respectable.

Law firms that underestimate the importance of branding often don’t like it because they don’t like the idea of “selling themselves.” In reality, branding isn’t about selling your firm. Rather, it’s about making sure your firm isn’t anonymous. When you can build your law firm’s brand into something that is visible, memorable, well-known, and lionized, your firm’s services really will sell themselves.