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Why Conversations Matter on Social Media

October 2018

When you think about your brand’s entire audience—from your current customers to the leads you are targeting and spanning every service your business offers—there probably aren’t many things that every single person has in common. However, there is a very real possibility that every person you are trying to reach has at least one commonality: social media. Nearly 80 percent of Americans have some kind of social media presence, and many of them check their social profiles every single day—often more than once. When it comes to reaching, communicating, and engaging with your audience, social media is your big home run opportunity.

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Despite the obvious power of social media, though, many brands are either underusing it, or misusing it. Quite simply, most businesses don’t know how to harness the potential of social media conversations.

Social Media Conversations and Your Brand
How many conversations take place on social media every day? There is no way to know the answer to this question. So many people are communicating through these channels that it’s impossible even to estimate the number of individual conversations going on. The vast majority of these conversations have nothing to do with your brand and would happen with or without you. The conversations that do involve your brand include social media posts and exchanges about your business (your products, services, news involving your brand, etc.), as well as the interactions that your company has with customers or followers.

These two categories of social media conversations can both benefit brands like yours in different ways.

Let’s start by looking at the conversations which have nothing to do with your brand. While these conversations are not directly relevant, they can shed light on market trends, preferences, emerging markets, promising demographics, or other data points. Social media conversations are a huge source of business intelligence for every industry. Not every brand necessarily has the resources or know-how to follow these trends and extract actionable data from them, but there is no doubt that these types of social media conversations are important.

The more relevant type of social media conversation for most businesses is the kind that directly involves their brand. These conversations can be one-sided or two-sided. A one-sided conversation is your business sharing blogs and other posts on Facebook but doing nothing else to maintain your social presence. You are speaking to your customers, but you aren’t engaging with them. A two-sided conversation would be if you posted a link to a blog on your social media, and then jumped into the comments on the Facebook or Twitter post to engage with customers.

As you might expect, two-sided conversations are much more powerful for a brand. Merely sending posts out into the ether might win you a few readers or interactions, but it won’t grow your social media presence or change the narrative of your brand. Engaging with clients, customers, or leads on social media can have a much more significant impact. These interactions allow you to connect with your customers in a unique way, answer their questions, respond to their criticisms, learn about their needs, and show your brand’s personality. These things, together, help humanize your brand and bring new people into your fold. Simply by having conversations on social media—instead of just hoping to trigger them—you can snag conversions, turn casual customers into loyal ones, and grow your business.

Unlock the Potential of Social Media Conversations
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