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Why Excellent Content Managers Make All the Difference for Law Firms

November 2017

Your law firm needs to be on the first page of Google search results. There are no ifs or buts about it. A top-ranking Google search result is worth a lot of money. It can help your firm gain new clients, establish you as a thought leader in your legal specialty, and build your reputation both locally and abroad. It’s not out-of-reach, either: by targeting the right keywords and locations and creating a steady stream of high-quality content on your website, your firm can become a high-ranking result in search engines.

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Why Law Firms Aren’t Harnessing the Power of Content Marketing
What is keeping law firms from realizing their SEO potential? It all comes down to two words: “too busy.” Law firms might be aware of the power of Google in the modern marketplace, but that doesn’t mean they have someone on hand to research keywords, plan a content strategy, and generate highquality content. After all, law firms are made up mostly of lawyers and paralegals, people who are often too busy with casework and client relationships to worry about content marketing.

Beating the Odds with a Content Manager
Just because your law firm doesn’t have someone who can dive headlong into SEO and content marketing doesn’t mean these channels are off-limits. On the contrary, most law firms—even ones with robust content marketing strategies and top slots on Google searches—were once in the same place you are now. They were too busy to pay attention to digital marketing, and even if they weren’t, they didn’t have the skills or experience in-house to develop an effective content plan.

Sound familiar? What most of these law firms did first was to recognize that they needed to make a change. They saw that the world of law firm marketing is evolving and took steps to put themselves at the forefront of the evolution. Your firm can do the same thing. By hiring or teaming up with a content manager, you can start moving toward that coveted top-ranking Google search slot.

A content manager will know how to position your firm so that you are getting more online traffic not just from search engines, but also from social media, pay-per-click advertising, and simple word-ofmouth marketing. He or she will be able to get right to the core of what your law firm does, from the things you are most known for to the unique services you offer. From there, it’s keyword research and SEO strategy, and a content calendar that targets keywords, key phrases, topics, and locations that your prospective clients are already looking for online. Finally, your content manager will oversee the curation, creation, and promotion of high-quality content on your behalf.

These days, most people looking for lawyers start by looking for legal guidance online. They want answers to their law-related questions, or advice on what to do in certain legal situations. By providing guidance in the form of top-tier content, your firm can get more web traffic, more inquiries, and more clients. An excellent content manager can get you there.