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Why Should You Post on LinkedIn?

November 2022

Why Should You Post on LinkedIn?

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Is posting on LinkedIn worth your time as a lawyer? Why should you make an effort to post frequently from your account on LinkedIn? With so many social platforms competing for a slice of your marketing budget and your attention—plus the actual work of the day to handle—focusing on even more content generation might not seem like the best use of your time. However, LinkedIn has much to offer to law firms who understand how to leverage the value it provides.


Offer Value to Visitors and Connections


First and foremost, posting content relevant to your area of the law gives visitors a reason to stay on your page. People who find you or your firm through mutual connections will be more likely to stay and explore what you have to say when it is clear you post and engage regularly. This is your opportunity to provide insight, express opinions on recent developments in your industry, and more. Be a part of the conversation and bring more attention to your business in the process.


Increase the Reach of Your Brand


The nature of LinkedIn and its network-based connections means that content can travel quite far outside of your immediate network. Others may share your post when you publish something insightful, relevant, and timely. You could even make it into the LinkedIn Pulse feature. By doing so, you can reach potential leads you didn't even know existed—who wouldn't know about you otherwise.


Reach More People Than You Might With Blogs Alone


LinkedIn is an excellent place to refresh old content from your blog by reframing it in a new context for different audiences. Why not get more value from your content investments by using those pieces to expand your audience on social platforms? A LinkedIn post is far easier for the average user to share with a wider audience than a link to your blog. With the content hosted on LinkedIn, users enjoy a seamless browsing experience. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to capture an audience that might not usually visit your blog?


LinkedIn Posts Contribute to Good SEO


Search engines such as Google index a vast amount of the web, and LinkedIn is no different. Because LinkedIn posts are relatively static compared to many other kinds of social content, it is much easier for these posts to end up in search results. In other words, you can grab the attention of motivated individuals searching for terms relevant to your firm. When you can double dip between the search-optimized power of your blog and LinkedIn, you can extend the reach of your campaigns without a major additional investment.


Build Yourself Up as a Thought Leader


Finally, the more quality content you post and the more often you engage with readers in the content, the more your firm stands out as a leader. Readers in your network may look forward to what you have to say on a subject. High-value posts earn more shares, which reinforces your firm as an authority. When someone needs help from just such an authority, they'll know where to turn.


From growing your audience to strengthening your brand, posting on LinkedIn is more than just idle time on social media—it's active marketing that can strengthen your business.