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Why You Need Outreach Articles

October 2018

Not many businesses incorporate outreach articles into their content strategy. Some don’t even know what an “outreach article” is. However, the outreach process can provide a considerable boost to the growth and brand visibility of your business. Failing to take advantage of this potential boost is a mistake and one that your company should avoid making in the future.

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So, what are outreach articles and how do they work? Essentially, an outreach article is just an article or a blog post—written by you, your team, or your marketers—that you pitch to other websites or publications. If your article gets accepted for publication, then it effectively exposes you to a whole new set of readers and potential customers. The website or publication that opts to publish your article is giving you exposure to their entire following and readership.

Obviously, there is a transaction here. Not all sites will post content from outside writers. However, there are undeniably sites in your industry that will accept guest articles or guest blogs from time to time. Some sites get most of their content from outside contributors. For those that do take pitches for outreach articles, there is something in it for them. Effectively, they get your content. They get to post it on their website and promote it through their social pages. When visitors read the article, they get those hits. If the article ends up ranking on a Google search, they reap the benefits of that high rank.

Of course, there is something in it for your business too. All guest posts are tagged with a guest author name and bio. The bio namechecks your business and tells readers who you are, what you do, and where they can find you. Often, guest post bios include Twitter handles or other details about how to find the author on social media.

There are three significant benefits to outreach posting for your business.

First, the exposure can direct people back to your website and encourage them to learn more about your brand. By posting your content on a third-party website, you put your brand on the radar of the people reading the article.

Second, in some cases, you will be able to include backlinks to your website in the outreach articles themselves. These links not only help flag your site as “relevant” to search engine crawlers, but they also serve as a channel that sends people directly back to your website.

Third, writing outreach articles builds the authority and industry clout of your business leaders. People who keep seeing the same names pop up as guest contributors on different websites are more likely to commit those names to memory. A considerable part of any content marketing campaign is to make your business leaders into trusted voices on topics relevant to your industry. Outreach posts do wonders for this kind of image.

At Inherent, we specialize in crafting outreach campaigns that make sense for your business. From identifying the right sites for outreach to pitching topics and crafting content, we can assist with every step of this process. Contact us today to learn more.