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Why You Should Use Google Analytics

July 2018

If you aren’t using Google Analytics to track the performance of your website yet, you should be.

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Google Analytics allows you to do a ton of things that your website cannot do natively. It lets you track where your website traffic is coming from, geographically. It lets you monitor key metrics like dwell rates and bounce rates. It makes it easy for you to identify your most popular content. It lets you track your online marketing campaigns to see which ones are delivering the highest number of clicks or conversions.

Simply put, Google Analytics allows you to look under the hood of your website and judge how it is running.

The information Google Analytics gives you is reason enough to start using the program. You can use geographic metrics to strategize your marketing campaigns and focus your local SEO. You can use details about dwell rates or bounce rates to figure out which pages are losing visitors and why. You can use content stats to determine what types of content your readers are looking for and deliver more of it through adjustments to your content marketing strategy. And you can use metrics from your online campaigns to allocate funds more wisely on Google AdWords or other systems.

The benefits of Google Analytics are not the only reason to use the software, though. In fact, these benefits only explain why you should be using some sort of analytic software. Most analytics programs will deliver the same basic metrics and perks. What about Google Analytics makes it the analytics software you should be using for your website?

First, Google Analytics is one of easier to use analytics programs on the market right now. It isn’t too difficult to figure out the basics of Analytics just from using it, and even if you get confused, there are countless resources on the web that can help you.

Secondly, Google Analytics is completely free. Setting it up on your website is a breeze and won’t cost you a dime. You will never have to pay any service or subscription fees, and you can use Analytics on as many websites as you want.

Third, Google Analytics allows you to choose how you like to view your metrics. Google will automatically create a bunch of different reports about your site, and you are free to explore these reports to find the ones you like best. You can also build custom reports by using a drag-and-drop interface to add different details into your dashboard. These custom reports are especially useful if you are only interested in certain types of data.

Finally, Google Analytics is a Google product, which means it integrates seamlessly with other Google software. Programs such as AdWords, AdSense, and YouTube work effortlessly with Analytics because they all come from the same company. At the same time, Analytics still integrates with non-Google software too, such as the survey tool Qualaroo.

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