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Writing Featured Snippets for Your Law Firm Website

June 2018

When you conduct a Google search, you will sometimes notice the top result is set apart from the rest of the results on the page. It appears in its own box and gets more text than lower results down the page. Naturally, your eye is drawn directly to this result: it looks different—and therefore appears more relevant and high-quality—than the rest of the results. This Google search result is a “featured snippet.”

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The benefits of landing a featured snippet on virtually any Google search result page cannot be overstated. While these search results are not always at the very top of the page—sponsored ads will still appear above them—they remain the most visible. Landing a featured snippet is often more desirable than landing the top search result, as a featured snippet is akin to Google’s active endorsement of your page. Since searchers tend to trust Google, most of them will click on the featured snippet before scrolling any further down the page.

How can you land one of those coveted featured snippet slots for your law firm website? The process isn’t easy. Only one search result can be featured for any keyword or keyword string, which means competition for those slots is fierce. Here are a few strategies that will help you beat the competition.

  • Write content that answers specific questions: If you’ve spent a fair amount of time on Google, then you probably know not every search has a featured result. For instance, if you were to search for “law firms in Omaha,” the “featured snippet” spot would be taken up by a map of local legal offices. Usually, featured snippets are used for searches that ask a specific question. If someone’s search is “How do I get out of a traffic ticket in California?” there will be a featured snippet that answers that question partially. Searchers will click the link to get the rest of the answer. The best way to land featured snippets is to write articles or blog posts designed to answer specific questions in detail. ?
  • Figure out which questions your prospective visitors are asking: Before you can start answering questions and landing featured snippets, you need to know which questions your visitors are asking. Luckily, when it comes to law firm websites, there is no shortage of questions to answer. People want to know about different legal services, laws in their area, and possible punishments for certain crimes. They also want general legal advice for certain situations. Think about the questions you get asked repeatedly in consultations with clients, then jot them down and turn them into content. ?
  • Consider Q&A pages: Not every question you want to answer will merit its own article. Some questions have short or straightforward answers. An alternative option is to pull frequently asked questions in certain categories into Q&A pages. These pages can land featured snippets, too