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Your firm has its own distinctive essence and principles, which should be the focus of the firm’s new website with regard to both visual impact as well as content

Inherent will help your firm find its "outside-in" perspective so you will attract the right audience


So your firm wishes to develop a new, custom and vibrant website design that will modernize its online presence while offering visitors easy access to relevant content... You are in good hands with Inherent! Your firm has its own distinctive essence and principles, which should be the focus of the firm’s new website with regard to both visual impact as well as content. Furthermore, with the evolving technology behind smartphones and tablets it is essential that the firm’s website be able to efficiently reach every visitor regardless of the chosen platform. As such, your site will be developed as a “responsive” design which will fluidly adapt to produce an optimized layout for each individual user’s settings.

Inherent's process for developing a custom law firm website is ever-evolving, yet based on years of experience working in the legal industry. The process begins with a discovery, or “homework” process, where we will partner with your firm's personnel to definitively identify target audiences as well as site structure and design requirements and desires. We will also discuss the firm's general business objectives, other marketing plans and overall strategic goals now and for the future. We will encourage you to think from an “outside-in” perspective, meaning we want to get to know how the firm wishes to be perceived by its prospects rather than just how the firm views itself.

From there, actual design work begins, where Inherent will deliver samples before finalizing the new look. Throughout the development process, thorough quality assurance efforts are made to ensure functionality is proper on multiple platforms/browsers/devices. Extensive final testing and reviews are performed prior to the public launch of the new website. Although electronic communication is considered standard in today's world of technology, we at Inherent prefer to handle significant portions of a development project via telephone/virtual meeting or in person whenever possible as we believe it enhances our client relationships. The efficiency of e-mail is important, but we do not feel it should completely replace the personal communication that is so important when undertaking a major project like this.

It is important to note that the site’s content will be stored in a relational database that firm personnel will have full control over maintaining using Inherent's DynapsisTM Content Management System. Dynapsis is a modular, interconnected database system that was originally built in 1998; it was created especially for the multifaceted needs of law firms and has evolved significantly over the years. Dynapsis will tie together attorney bios, practice areas, industries, publications, news, events and more so all related content is cross-linked through the simple-to-use administration interface. Your firm will have full access to add, edit and delete all content on the site, and modifications will be immediately reflected on the website once submitted. You can read more about Dynapsis here.