Product Details - Intranets and Extranets

Product Details
Intranets and Extranets Intranets and Extranets

Utilizing a Microsoft® SharePoint® platform, Inherent is able to offer its clients an intranet with collaboration features that are customized for each firm based on their specific needs

Empower your firm’s personnel to work in partnership on shared content from any computer or device; granular user permissions and SSL encryption provide the ultimate security for your firm’s private information


For many firms, having a centralized point of access to critical internal data means a more rapid and productive work force. Inherent has created internal applications for many law firms who wish to streamline office communications. Items to consider including are:

  • Firm-Specific News
  • Firm Event Information / Registration
  • Human Resources / Policy Forms
  • Emergency Services Information
  • Conference Room Schedules
  • Employee Contact Lists
  • Internal Application Access (e.g., to document management and/or CRM programs)

A  Microsoft® SharePoint® intranet offers firm personnel a collaborative tool rather than simply a one-way repository of information. It would also present a great opportunity to market the creative and highly technical manner in which the firm communicates with its personnel.


Improve client relationships and lower the expense of communications; our extranets provide maximum flexibility to create a secure, process-specific solution that is customizable to your firm’s unique requirements

Inherent combines application integration with user-centered custom design that ultimately facilitates virtual interaction and working automation

Our extranets provide maximum flexibility to create a process-specific solution, customizable to your firm’s unique requirements. Here are some ideas of what you may wish to include:

  • Messaging – Use a secure messaging forum for private electronic communications
  • Secure Document Exchange – Upload and download case-specific files for secure collaboration with clients
  • Calendar / Task – Post firm events and client-specific events to calendar pages while tracking and updating tasks and timelines
  • Portal – Your extranet can be used as the starting point for retrieving and researching information, providing topical links and news feeds from different sources of data
  • Library – Provide a searchable library of forms, publications, articles, videos and more
  • Client Friendly – Allow your users to personalize their extranet home pages
  • Billing Service – Provide online invoice and billing information to your clients