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Product Details
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An enterprise-level content management system specifically built for the intricacies of law firms, with the flexibility to be fully customized for each firm’s specific needs

“It’s so simple, even an attorney can use it!”


Dynapsis™ is a modular, interconnected database system that was originally built in 1998; it was created especially for the multifaceted needs of law firms and has evolved significantly over the years. Dynapsis ties together attorney bios, practice areas, industries, publications, news, events and more so all related content is cross-linked through the simple-to-use administration interface. Your firm's personnel will have full access to add, edit and delete all content on the site (including navigation and sub-navigation items), and modifications will be immediately reflected on the website once submitted.

The development of your Dynapsis Content Management System will begin with determining how the applications will interact with users from both the back-end administrative interface and from the website user perspective. It is very important that a full set of “blueprints” be developed and approved before building begins.

You will be able to create, modify and delete pages as needed for the various sections of the website. All text fields include a robust “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” (“WYSIWYG”) editor, which is akin to using Microsoft® Word or Corel® WordPerfect.

Included applications:

  • Attorney Biography Module
  • Industry Module
  • Practice Area Module
  • Experience Module
  • Publication and News Module
  • Event Module
  • Job Bank Module
  • Editor for all Static Pages

All applications are interconnected via a relational database management system. Each attorney biography, for example, may have links to and from office locations, articles written, industries and practice areas, representative matters and speaking engagements; when an attorney leaves the firm, all references are automatically removed when the biography record is deleted or archived (note that publications and news items will have the bio links removed, but authors’ names will remain). This keeps the site current and simple to maintain.

Sorting modules are included as well, which will allow you to customize the order in which related content is displayed on each bio, practice page, event page, etc. You can import or export data to/from the firm’s extranet, intranet, proposal generator, document management, CRM or portal solutions. You are also able to manage multilingual content on the entire site.

A Dynapsis solution includes a complete W3C compliant website design and implementation with a beginning to end service package that includes managed hosting and maintenance. Start making your website an effective conduit of the experience, knowledge and professional services available at your firm!

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