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Promote your firm’s expertise to gain press exposure and capitalize on search engine optimization

Sync your blog with your social media for maximum impact


Here are the main reasons Inherent recommends a law firm take up blogging:

  • Show firm expertise in one or more practice areas
  • Create potential to be quoted in the press (exposure and expertise)
  • Improve ranking in search engines, which can draw in people to not only your blog, but your main site as well

Visitors to your firm's blog may also elect to subscribe to feeds via RSS, and/or to follow blog posts on Twitter or other social media. RSS feeds on the main website would allow for content to be automatically posted to both locations without need for duplicative effort.

Inherent recommends that your blog be branded with the firm's logo, yet should project a slightly different look & feel from the firm's website design to really stand out. Your lawyers can take turns posting content, say 10 attorneys who each post once every two weeks. You can also link to other blogs for content (just be sure to give credit!). The system is very simple to use, so there's very little ramp-up time.

Overall, blogs are a very simple, cost-effective way to show off your firm's expertise and to gain exposure. Here's a quote from a article that was published on this subject:

As any lawyer well versed in marketing will tell you, prospective clients often draw inferences about service quality from physical cues such as the appearance of a lawyer's office or the quality of his or her stationery. A lawyer's blog should be no different. A blog that employs a visually appealing design will project a professional image, whereas a poorly designed blog based on some stock template will send the opposite signal about the author's experience and expertise. Indeed, since a blog is nothing more than a specialized type of website, just as a lawyer should think carefully about the appearance and usability of his or her firm's website, the same care and thought should be invested in the design of a blog.

Here are some examples of blog layouts that we've designed for our clients:

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